10 Creative Ways to Market Your Self-Published Book

As an Indie author, writing and publishing your book are the first steps to becoming a successful and financially secure author.  The next, and most important part, is marketing. Marketing your book can make or break your career as an author. In this post, we’ll share 10 creative and fun ways to market your self-published book. They are as follows:

Create a short video series

Videos attract eyeballs easily and are shareable as well! You can create some interesting series of videos based on your book, be it fiction or non-fiction. These can be simple how-to videos or funny viral videos.

Make a teaser post series

Social media promotion is a must, but bring a little fun to it by doing a teaser series. Create little well-designed posts, which can be in the form of riddles or questions followed by a big reveal of your book, just to engage the viewer in wondering what’s coming. Teasers are highly interactive and will get your book noticed.

Host online giveaways

Sometimes getting more customers begins with giving away a bit for free! Pick a few high-traffic book sites like Goodreads where you’re sure to find a host of readers, and organize a giveaway! You can also do this on your Facebook page or website.

Begin a discussion forum

Shortlist some popular sites like Quora and start a topic of discussion that is related to your book. You can also take part in an existing discussion thread. Leave insightful answers, along with your social media or website link, so people can find your book.

Get Instagram views

You can promote your book by asking those who purchase it to take a picture with it, then post it on their account with a hashtag attributed to the book. Then you can repost the picture on your account.

Go to a speaking event

Depending on your target audience, you can approach local speaking events, educational institutions, etc. and prepare a talk. Design your talk in a way so that you can organically speak about your book there as well.

Make your book resource-rich

You can add a number of additional resources to your book, which your readers will find helpful. Based on that, you can write an in-depth blog post and mention the additional resources available with your book, to generate more interest.

Create a podcast

Be it starting your own podcast series or featuring on someone else’s podcast, this is a good way of talking about your book and reaching many people at the same time!

Send bloggers promo kits

Create a fun promo kit for your book, with interesting links, graphics and a copy of your book, and send it over to bloggers for review.

Follow up with a book series

The buzz of excitement for a book series is often much stronger than for a single one. So, while promoting your book, get started on writing the next ones in line and spread the word about it too!