How to Market Your Book on a Budget

There are three main reasons why anyone would want to write a book: money, social recognition, and self-actualization. However, gripping one’s commitment to writing a book, one has to still face the marketing aspect – and self-publishing may not always be the right strategy. Self-publishing authors face a tremendous hurdle – many of those who self-publish write bad books which damages their reputation and hurts the really good writers.

The key to overcoming the massive challenge of marketing your book is focusing on the idea that you are one of those rare independent writers that are worth discovering and following.

In 2009, more than a million digital books were published. Even if you are the next great author of this century, being discovered by the world will seem like an insurmountable task, especially if you have a small marketing budget. Here are some tips to help you market your book under a tight budget – and have a greater chance of being discovered by the millions of readers worldwide.

Market, Don’t Advertise

First of all, you should focus on marketing rather than advertising. Advertising is expensive with no guaranteed short or long term results. Except for the popular, established authors, advertising will not turn your book into a financial success.

Marketing involves a little advertising but it also requires studying different approaches, paid and free, to promote a product. This means you have better control over your budget because you can opt for the less expensive or free options like Internet marketing through social media.

Go Local

Aside from marketing online through your network, start marketing locally. Visit local bookstores and libraries and ask about any program they have to support new writers. As a member of the creative profession, use your imagination as to where you can launch your book. Think coffee shop, supermarket, flea markets, schools, church, and community parks.

Start a YouTube Account as an Expert

As an author, you have the potential to talk expertly about the subject of your book or the process of being a writer. If you are skilled, you can build your reputation and tie your book to your skill.  Over 1.3 billion people go to YouTube to be entertained, informed, or trained on specific topics. Daily, there are 30 million visitors on YouTube and getting a fraction of that number to watch you will boost your reputation – and you get to earn on the side as a YouTuber!

Hire a Freelance Marketing Expert

If you don’t want the hassle of marketing (many creative professionals balk at this task!), you can hire a freelance marketing expert with experience in digital content and books. It’s a straightforward agreement that will not cost as much as self-publishing or being listed with an agent.

Finally, be vocal about your work. Talk to anyone and everyone about your accomplishment. You can even offer to give them free chapters to get them hooked into buying your book. Of course, you have to make sure your free chapters are gripping page turners!