Marketing Your Self-Published Book

Writing a book is hard work. Going through the self-publishing process is equally difficult—but the really hard work begins when the pub date nears and you begin the marketing process. With so many books in the marketplace competing for readers’ attention, a strong marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your book. Do not fall into the trap of “I have just written a book and worked my tail off getting it published, and I need a bit of a break.” This is the time to hustle. And hustle hard.

Create a press kit. Include a shining book synopsis, book cover image, best-selling points, endorsements, talking points for media opportunities, and your author bio and photo. Do not cut corners. Your publishing-house-author counterparts have a whole team of people dedicated to this step. Hire someone to help if you need to. The last thing you want is a press kit that gets pushed aside because it looks like a template. Get creative, be unique, and your book will stand out!

Send a press kit and an early release copy of the book to media outlets that you feel might have an interest in your content. You can do a simple online search to find local outlets and publications that share content similar to yours. Be proactive. Make follow-up phone calls and try to secure a feature of your book or an author interview.

Don’t forget about bloggers and podcasters. This is a huge segment of the reading population, and they often have powerful followings. Send complimentary copies in exchange for positive reviews and mentions on their blog or podcast and on sites like Amazon and Goodreads. Readers really do look at reviews before making purchasing decisions. Garner as many positive reviews as possible.

Post on social media like it’s your job. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are essentially new platforms for selling your book. Post endorsements, sample chapters, pull-out quotes from the book—anything that is visually appealing and compelling. The goal is to stop the scroller just long enough to pique their interest and investigate your book further. Use the boost feature on Facebook to increase the amount of views and to track what posts are engaging people the most. Hashtagging is another great way to increase the amount of views—just don’t go crazy. Choose the most relevant and most used hashtags that relate to your content.

Do virtual giveaways. Engage your possible audience in order to be entered to win a free copy of the book. You can ask readers to retweet, like, share, etc., to gain entry—all the while the readers are spreading the word about your book. You can ask your winners to post a review, post a selfie with your book …. The possibilities are endless. It’s just all about exposure!

Rinse and repeat. You have worked so hard to bring your message to fruition. Keep hustling and get your book out there for readers.