Press Release for Passive Income Streams and Active Income Streams

The goal of achieving financial freedom is the desire of most. The good news is, with the right plan and the willingness to take action, it can be achieved. Entrepreneur Kristi Patrice Carter knows about this first hand and is sharing her experience in two new books, Passive Income Streams and Active Income Streams.

It’s a hard fact that a person’s quality of life is often very much connected to their financial status, for better or worse. Fortunately, for people willing to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and the courage to take action, a way forward does exist beyond the 9 to 5 job. Enter author, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate of people taking control of their own lives—Kristi Patrice Carter. Carter recently announced she is sharing her secrets to financial freedom and success in two new books Passive Income Streams: How to Create and Profit from Passive Income Even If You’re Cash-Strapped and a Little Bit Lazy (But Motivated)! and the soon to be released Active Income Streams: Side Income Opportunities For Achieving Financial Freedom (Working As Much or As Little As You Desire). Both books deliver the blueprint for leaving financial insecurity behind forever.

“I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck and wonder how to make ends meet,” commented the popular author. “I’m sharing this information to help my readers see there’s a better way. If I could achieve financial freedom, while still being a great wife and mother, with all the responsibilities that come with both roles—I’m certain nearly everyone who reads my two new books can also.”

According to Carter, both books are completely free from the hard to understand jargon that plagues many financial self-help books. Carter purposefully keeps things as simple and easy to understand as possible, a quality for which all of her past work has been praised. Passive Income Streams and Active Income Streams also both feature very important straightforward and
actionable steps to move toward financial freedom.

Kindle and paperback versions of Passive Income Streams are available, and Active Income Streams will also be featured in both formats.

Reviews of Passive Income Streams and advanced reviews of Active Income Streams have been remarkably positive across the board.

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