Pronoun for Authors

For every Indie author, one of the most important decisions is their publishing platform.  Now, more than ever, there are many such platforms available, and an extremely popular one is Pronoun.

Pronoun is a free digital publishing platform for independent authors whose mission is to help them further their self-publishing careers. It offers free marketing tools as well, and makes it easier for Indie authors to design, publish and promote their books and thereby gain more readers and popularity. The array of services is on similar lines as other platforms like Draft2Digital and hence, it is a strong competitor to D2D. The only discernible difference is that with Draft2Digital, you have to pay a percentage of your earnings to them. However, with Pronoun, you get to keep your entire earnings!

If you’ve been considering whether Pronoun is the right platform for you, keep reading! In this blog post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of using this platform.

The Pros of using Pronoun

Book designing is a breeze. Pronoun has online formatting software, which can be used to design your book cover, as well as the inside pages. The book format is usually an ePub. If you’re self-publishing for the first time, you will love this feature! The software is extremely easy to use – even for those who have never published before. With Pronoun’s software, you can design truly beautiful book covers that will instantly attract prospective readers. And you can create nice layouts for the inside pages so that they look good and read well too.

Prompt customer service. As a self-publishing author, you are doing everything by yourself. So it goes without saying that at times you will stumble. If you’re using the Pronoun platform, you can reach out to their amazing customer service to help you with any difficulties you may be facing with the publishing process. Their customer service team is extremely prompt and will resolve your issues promptly and efficiently.

Wide-scale distribution. Your publishing platform should also be instrumental in helping you promote your book better and further. Pronoun has multiple sales channels and subscription-based services that will help you distribute your published book. If you want your book to be on Google Play, then Pronoun is your best gateway to that, as Google Play is not accepting new account sign-ups as of now! And we all know how wide the reach of Google is! This platform also gives you the opportunity to upload your book on Amazon with as much as 70% royalty, even if your book is priced under $2.99, which is Amazon’s cut-off for a higher royalty. Books priced under $2.99 on Amazon receive a 35% royalty payment.

The Cons of Using Pronoun

PayPal only. On Pronoun, payments are administered via PayPal. While this may not be an issue for many, some users may not want to use PayPal. Keep in mind that PayPal will deduct a percentage of the money each time you receive a payment. Also, there have been some reported instances of authors getting late payments – although most of these issues have been resolved.

Overall, Pronoun is a pretty decent self-publishing platform, especially if you’re looking to distribute to Google. Its editing features are neat and you can get insightful help and guidance from their team – as and when needed.