Top 5 Apps for Indie Authors to Be More Productive

Being an indie author is hard enough. Why not make your work easier and more productive with an app?

Today, apps are our go-to points for just about anything. After all, there really is an app for everything! So why not utilize them to make your writing process better? Be it for motivating yourself to write, helping you concentrate or capturing the sudden inspirations or plot ideas that may strike you, using the right app can make a lot of difference to your writing process. In this article, we have listed five such amazing apps that will be perfect for the serious indie writer!

Hemingway (

For an indie writer, this app will make the editing process so much easier!  Think your writing could use a good round of language editing to cut the fluff and make it sound smarter? This app will let you do just that. It analyzes every component of your text and brings to your attention any language mistakes or complications you need to correct or styling adjustments you need to make. This app works best on your web browser.

Evernote (

Well, we all know how forgetful or disorganized writers can get, right? This app will help the indie writer to keep track of all that’s important! Evernote is a highly popular app, where you can add little notes, jot down some character sketch that comes to mind, add links to your research websites, or add interesting pictures and even little audio voice notes when inspiration strikes you. This app will keep all your great ideas in one place!

Freedom (

Getting distracted during writing is the ultimate bane for any writer. With the Freedom app, you can finally be free from it. This highly popular app successfully blocks social media, internet and other distracting apps on your phone, so that you can focus completely on your writing. With this app in your arsenal, you’ll get a lot more writing done than before!

The Brainstormer (

There’s no writer who hasn’t faced writer’s block from time to time. What if an app could help you unblock it? The Brainstormer is an amazing app that rekindles the creative mind and helps you get out of your block by letting you spin freewheeling plots. With this app, writer’s block will not be able to cripple you for days anymore!

Pomodoro (

It is well known that concentration works best in short bursts. With the Pomodoro timer, you’ll be able to maintain your writing flow without getting exhausted. This timer makes you work for a stretch of 25 minutes, take a five-minute break, and then again work for 25 minutes. This app has been well known to remarkably increase a writer’s productivity!

So there you go! Try the above apps and get writing better!